3 Colors 150PCS Oversized Moon Stars Luxury Birthday Balloon Decoration Happy Birthday Balloon Set Pump Aluminum Balloon Double-Sided Tape


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Product Description

Product content:
① Happy birthday letter 13 characters (1 character: about 16 inches)
② About three colored balloons (1 piece: about 10 inches)
③ 36 inch moon (blue: 1, silver: 1)
④18-inch star (2 blue, 2 silver)
⑤ ribbons and stars: 100 each
⑥ 5 cm double-sided tape
⑦one pump (random color)

1. find a mouth.
2. Use the air inlet to inflate the air.
3. When injecting an appropriate amount (80%), remove the air inlet.
4. there is no need to fasten the ribbon, the mouth is automatically sealed.

How to install 3 colorful balloons:
1. Cut the double-sided tape with scissors (do not hold it with bare hands).
2. Place it directly on top of the balloon and remove the mucosa.
3. Stick the balloon to the wall, please proceed immediately. (Please note that the balloon is easily broken.
4. When slowly sorting the double-sided tape, rub it many times and remove the capsule. If you are concerned that the wall will be affected, use a flat angle test.

Balloon storage method
1. Please prepare a slender straw.
2. prick the straw into the mouth until the air feels coming.
3. Gently push the balloon until the air flows out.
4. When the air is used up, it can store tatami.


  • 3 Colors 150PCS oversized moon stars luxury birthday balloon decoration happy birthday balloon set pump aluminum balloon double-sided tape
  • It is a set of lavish decorative balloons indispensable for your birthday celebration! Recommended for surprise! Aluminum balloon set, Happy Birthday! Decorate your room with balloons! Let ‘s celebrate the important person’ s birthday gorgeously!
  • With an aluminum balloon, you can pull out air by inserting a straw etc. at the injection port and applying pressure. It can be used from next time onwards. Safe and healthy, children harmless, put on the veranda if you do not hurry and let off the offensive odor.
  • With double-sided tape, for decorations please use the included double-sided tape You can easily decorate by simply pasting on the wall with double-sided tape. It is easy to peel off, it is very convenient as it is hard to damage the wall. It is 100 pieces of ribbons and decorating stars. It is used to hang the Happy Birthday alphabet on walls and windows. Also, put an oversized 36-inch moon and 18-inch star and give a more birthday atmosphere!
  • Set contents: ① Happy Birthday Alphabet 13 letters × 1 piece (1 character: about 16 inch) ② About 150 color balloons (1 piece: about 10 inch) ③ 36 inch month (blue: 1, Silver: 1) ④ 18 inch star (blue: 2 pieces, Silver: 2 pieces) ⑤ Ribbon and star: 100 pieces each ⑥ 5 cm double-sided tape ⑦ One Pump (color is random)
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