CHANGZHONG 20 Pack 12 Inch Silver Confetti Balloons for Wedding Engagement Birthday Party Events


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Product Description

The confetti balloons come with 9 colors which is black,red,gold,blue,green,rose red,champagne,silver,purple.You can choose color you need.
The confetti balloon can add atmosphere and witness the occasion such like your graduation ceremony,your sweet wedding,warm birthday party, family party of your life.
It is pretty good,pratical and which can bring a new different experience in your life.

Easy to use:
1. Inflate the Balloon – Fully inflate the balloon to around 12 inches.
2. Create Static – The key to getting confetti to stick on the side of the balloon is STATIC. Rub balloon on carpet, fleece blanket, or your hand.
3. Shake andamp; Turn – Shake and turn the balloon as needed to spread the confetti evenly.

Note:Static electricity can help you make the confetti stick to sides of the balloon.

Children under 8 years old — Adult supervision required when use it.


  • Confetti Filled Balloons– Each balloon is pre-filled with a generous handful of confetti, adding romantic and festive atmosphere to Weddings,Party, graduations, baby showers, Valentines day or birthday celebration!
  • Colourful Confettis – Each balloon comes with 2.5cm1in diameter confetti.
  • 20 Pcs Balloons – Inflatable diameter is approx 12 inches , made with 100% high-quality durable natural latex !
  • Have fun – With large amount of confetti inside the balloon, pop the balloons at the end of the party and let all the confetti out for the perfect ending!
  • Easy to use – Shake balloons or rub on a carpeted surface to let confetti cling to the sides, then you will get a balloon like pictures.
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