Helium King Gas Bottle / Disposable Gas Cylinder / Cannister – Fills 50 9 Inch Balloons


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Product Description

Helium King Helium Cylinders are Filled with 0.41 Cubic Meters in the UK with BOC Pure Helium. Helium Content is over 99%. Don’t compare our cylinder to others available on-line that have been filled with an Air/Helium Mix! All the cylinders are certified to be sold within the EU. Please contact us for Safety Data Sheets or any other questions that you may have. The Gas in this cylinder will fill 90 9 inch latex balloons. Larger Balloons will use more helium. For Example, a 12 in Latex Balloon uses twice the helium so you will only get around 25 Balloons. If you over inflate the balloons you will use more helium and get less out of the cylinder! Please note that Latex balloons only float for around 8-12 hours unless you treat with high float, so only fill them an hour before your event.


  • Take your Helium with you to your event instead of carrying around bunches of balloons!
  • Capacity: Each cylinder 0.41 Cubic mtrs Best Price on the web, enough gas to fill 50 x 9 Inch Balloons.
  • Filled in The UK with BOC High grade Helium (over 99% Pure)
  • Filled by Helium King- The UK’s largest Manufacturer of Disposable Helium Cylinders
  • Larger Balloons Use more Gas! Average float time will vary depending upon the size and type of balloons.
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